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Defence Property Investment Experts

Property investment education is a great start.

We want to help you turn your disposable Defence income into the kind of financial freedom that your parents and your grandparents will want to brag about.

We understand the unique demands of Defence life.

We’re an approachable bunch of energetic, knowledgeable property investment experts with ex-Defence personnel within our ranks. In fact, our Founder, Marcus Westnedge started right where you are now.
“At 17, I joined the Navy working as a Marine Technician (Stoker} and Clearance Diver (Bubble Head}. Mum kept hassling me to do something positive with the money I was earning. Thanks to encouragement and a bit of early hand holding, I bought my first property. By the time I left the Navy, I had a multi-million dollar portfolio. I helped some mates do the same. I’ve never looked back. That’s why I do this. I want to provide Defence recruits with a solid education in property investment, and mentor them to a great start.” – Marcus Westnedge, Founder and Director of Capital Properties.
Defence people, get Defence people.

Our mission is simple. It is your future financial security.

Our vision is to see today’s generation of Defence personnel and beyond with many opportunities in reach, because the wealth they know how to grow, is working well for them. They’re switched-on property investors.

Our mission is to help you – our Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force and Navy recruits – get on top of financial literacy. Crack that code and property investment makes good sense as a wealth building strategy. We’ll show you how.

The investment property advice and strategies we recommend are affordable and within reach based on ADF pay rates early in your Defence career.

We’ll put a whole team of trusted property investment mentors around you. We’ll teach you how to make informed choices about buying an investment property, right through to managing a portfolio of properties and tenants. Even while you’re posted away from home, your wealth continues to grow while your investment is managed for you.

Don't let another pay day pass you by.

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