We’ll redefine your idea of what a disposable Defence income really means

Our services are all about securing long term lifestyle benefits for you.

Your disposable Defence income is the amount left over each pay, minus your basic living expenses.

Disposable means throwaway. Hang on. Even spending up on a night out should be a memorable, not throwaway, experience! Together, we’ll flip this idea to turn disposable into opportunity.

Our team offers educational, mentoring and consultative services customised for Defence lifestyles. Our services range from self-exploratory online tools and resources, to an expertly guided 7 step process to buying an investment property with capital growth potential.

This is how we’ll work together. Our team will:

Help lift your financial literacy. Explore and share our free online tools and resources from the convenience of your mobile device, any time.
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Educate you in property investment strategy. Join us and we’ll keep you up to date with our newsletter including stories, news, and invitations to seminars and events relevant to property investment on a Defence income.
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Guide you through our 7 step process to successfully invest in property. We’ll put a team of experts around you every step of the way.
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From learning the basics of goal setting and budgeting, to buying an investment property and reviewing your rental returns, right through to buying your next investment, we’ll be with you.

You can work away from home knowing your investments are in safe hands, growing wealth to fund your lifestyle of choice. Our team knows what is achievable when it comes to property investment while juggling the unique demands of a Defence career. That’s why we know Capital Properties is good for you.

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We’ll get to know each other, explore goals and discover property investment possibilities for you based on your current Defence pay rate and lifestyle.

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