Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Knowledge is power when it comes to securing your financial future

Here are answers to the questions our team of mentors are regularly asked.

How much do I need to get started?...

Set a target savings goal of a minimum of $25,000. That is your starting point to cover a 5% deposit plus all the associated fees for a lower entry level property of $350,000. While the figures below are a guide only, here’s how that could look:

Purchase price:



5% deposit:



Stamp duty*:


*this is an estimate and varies from state to state.

Solicitor’s fees:



Bank fees:



Miscellaneous fees:



Total deposit and costs:



What is Equity?...

Equity is the difference between the bank or lender’s valuation of your property, and the debt that you owe on it.

I’m not in the Defence Force but I’m keen to learn about investing in property. Can I still access your services? ...

Yes, absolutely. We welcome anyone that has a genuine desire to grow their wealth through educating themselves about property investment strategy.

Why invest in property above other investment options? ...

  • You can take photos of it, touch it, drive past it and grant your proud grandparents and parents bricks and mortar evidence they can brag about.
  • You can use the equity in one property to buy your next property.
  • Renting out your investment property provides you with an additional weekly, fortnightly or monthly income stream. It is a source of consistent cash flow.
  • Tax benefits such as depreciation allowances and tax deductions maximise your Defence income. Other Government benefits may be available to help fund property purchases.
  • Liquidity is as easy as applying for a line of credit once you have built enough equity.
  • It is a security asset that will make your banker happy to help you when you need help.
  • You’re in as much control as you choose to have over your asset. You can manage tenancy yourself, or outsource it. You can negotiate rental increases and tenancy agreements. You can choose to sell the property if there is a benefit to you in doing so.

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