The Defence Force Property Investors Kit 

Get all the tools and everything you need to get the ideal start!

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The Defence Force Property Investors Kit

It can be easy for you [and your deposit] to get lost in the world of property investment. All you need is a little direction.

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We've compiled some of our best content to show you a road map providing key insights to help you get the best start in your property investment career, thus achieving your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

Download The Defence Force Property Investors Kit to receive: 

  • Goal Setting - Personal Action Sheet
  • Goal Setting - Personal Action Plan 
  • Property and Personal Spending Budget
  • 30 Page quick start guide 
  • Preliminary Finance Assessment 
  • 10 Mistakes to avoid
  • 7 Step process
  • House and Land Flow Chart
  • Single Contract Flow Chart
  • Australian Property Market Overview
  • Property selection criteria 
  • Rental Property Spreadsheet 
  • Rental Property Tax Check List 

Looking for a great place to start; Start with your goals, then assess your current finances, then navigate the Australian property markets through to narrowing in on specific local markets with our Defence Force Property Investors Kit.  

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