The Psychology of Success

By Marcus Westnedge 

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Goal Setting Guide (Psychology of Success)

The secret to kicking your property investment goals are all in your head!

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A personal vision is the foundation on which to develop your long-term goals.

In this Ebook, the goal setting strategy I am about to introduce to you – the Well Formed Outcome – is one of the most powerful techniques out there for propelling people to success. 
A well formed outcome is a goal that fits in with all the aspects of your life – not just financial. Defining the plan to reach your goals takes all the facets of your lifestyle into consideration. Without doing this, a goal is a vague dream that could apply to anyone. This process is about making your outcomes, personal. 
A well formed outcome will set your direction, or your plan of attack – your personal campaign strategy to hit each of your targets. It is a thoughtful goal setting strategy. With action, well formed outcomes are a potent motivator. 

“We are boxed in by the boundary conditions of thinking.” - 
Albert Einstein