Investor tools & apps

Investor tools & apps

Your free online property investment toolkit

Make informed investment choices by understanding the numbers that count Our free online calculators, spreadsheets, checklists and apps will help you make well informed property investment decisions from setting goals to helping you prepare your tax return.

Your Goal Setting Toolkit

Your Property Investment Toolkit

“I want to understand the costs associated with buying an investment property.”
Deposit and costs calculator
“I want to understand how property investment will give me some cash flow.”
Property gearing calculator
“I’m keen to understand my net asset position right now.”
Net asset position calculator
“I want to work out my annual rental returns.”
Rental property calculator
“What do I need to do to prepare my rental property income tax return this year?”
Tax check list

How Capital Properties’ Research Methodologies and Processes work

Downloading helpful information to learn more is a good first step. Grab an opportunity to amplify your learning and ask the questions that have been on your mind, by registering for one of our events, seminars or workshops.
“I want to understand how the Australian Capital City markets are performing.”
Market Overview
“I’ve identified the market I want to get in to, now I want to look at how to research specific locations.”
Property Selection Criteria
“How will Capital Properties work out if I’m in a position to invest in property?”
Preliminary finance assessment
Assets and Liabilities
“What can I expect from Capital Properties from start to finish?”
7 step process to successful investment in property
House and Land Contract
Single Contract