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7 Property Investment Strengths to help you become a Successful Defence Force Property Investor 

Goal Setting | Resources | Strategy | Research | Cash Flow | Settlement | Review


1. Goal Setting / Vision, do you have flexibility to focus in on the details whilst seeing the big picture? 
2. Resources, what capital / assets / capacity do you have available to you? 
3. Strategy, how tailored is your investment approach to your lifestyle and achieving your goals?  
4. Research, do you know how do your national level / local level research to identify opportunities? 
5. Cash Flow, can you quickly run accurate cash flows to assess cash flow affordability pre/post tax?
6. Settlement, can you effectively conduct pre/post settlement events to successfully settle on a property? 
7. Review, when the property is up and running do you know how to efficiently manage your investment?      

The Capital Properties property investor quiz is the Defence Force property investor score card that benchmarks you with where you’re at in your current investment situation and identifies opportunities for leveraged control. 


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