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Are you On Track or off track to meet your goals?

So much has changed in the world of finance and property investment in the last couple of years. If you haven’t been keeping up with these changes, you might be missing out on some serious opportunities. Even if you’ve been staying up to date with our Capital Properties news posts, it’s important to make sure you’re still on track to meet YOUR goals.

The experts at Capital Properties recommend taking time at least once a year to meet and re-evaluate your property investment and long term financial and lifestyle goals. During this catch up we can make sure you’re on track to achieve your goals and are actively taking the next best steps to get you there. So, if you’re due for a review, don’t put it off a second longer. Book in here.

The Capital Properties Property Investment Tools & Apps and essential resources from our Capital Properties Pinnacle Support Program will help you take stock and make smart decisions for now and the long-term.

On the go? Here’s 30 seconds of take outs:

  • It’s vital to regularly review your progress against your goals. Make sure you’re on track and know the next steps to take to achieve your long-term vision.
  • Working on your financial, lifestyle and property goals can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help with a range of free tools and our Pinnacle Support Program review.
  • Our Pinnacle Support Program Review supports you to achieve what’s important to you – and it can all be done over the phone to fit in with your schedule.

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Still set to achieve your goals?

Due for a review? We know that life gets busy, and the weeks turn into months so quickly, before you know it years can have flown by. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with so much to keep on top of. Can you be sure that you’re consistently doing everything you need to maximise your potential and achieve your goals?

That’s where we can help. We developed the Capital Properties Pinnacle Support Program to make sure you stay on top of your game with as little effort as possible. If you’re not confidently answering these questions below, then get in touch for a review so we can make sure you’re still on track.

Ask yourself truthfully:

  • Am I clear on what my end goals look like?
  • Am I on track to achieve those goals?
  • When was the last time I updated my Asset and Liabilities spreadsheet?
  • Are my weekly, monthly, yearly tasks all set to achieve my goals?
  • When was the last time I did a desktop valuation / full valuation of my investment property?
  • Are my tax returns up to date?
  • Am I up to date with the latest statistics for my property’s suburb?
  • When was the last time I viewed a suburb profile for my property’s area?

Do I know what I need to do next to progress my goals?

Lifestyle goals changed?

Property investing is a journey not a destination. Some of your goals can take 10 to 20 years and it’s normal to feel some resistance along the way – that’s just life!

In the last few years, I’ve taken stock of my total property deals since I first began investing in 1998. From starting as an absolute novice to completing over $6million in property transactions, grossing over $2million. In my early days in the Navy, I couldn’t have dreamed of this kind of financial security. But I applied the Capital Properties Property Investment strategies and stuck to my goals, even when it wasn’t easy.  In fact, it’s during the tough times that these strategies and our expertise can really make the difference.

“When everything seems to be going against you remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” Henry Ford

Setting goals and achieving them means more than making money. It’s helped me realise the lifelong dream I had to build my dream home. I’ve created generational wealth to make sure my family is looked after. And I’ve developed relationships with professionals that means Capital Properties continues to grow and thrive so we can share our success with you.

Let’s take stock

Even if you feel like you’re in a great place right now and your investment(s) is working hard for you, it’s worthwhile taking a moment to re-evaluate. Like the property investors hymn says “One property is good. Two is better. Three offers more opportunities. Four or more becomes a challenge to manage but really opens up your options and the ability to get set up.”

Review financial & lifestyle objectives

Simple and yet profound! Get started by taking our Investor self-evaluation test with our free Capital Properties Goal Setting Toolkit

  • Mind map your goals
  • Write a plan outlining how to achieve your goals

Create an action list

Complete an Assets and Liabilities Worksheet

This is the easiest way to get a visual on your inflows and outgoings. Your financial situation will become clear and you’ll be able to see where you need to make changes. Also, where you can make the most of opportunities. You’ll find the Capital Properties Net Asset Position Calculator and Assets & Liability Calculator here.

Take it further with the Pinnacle Support Program

Book in for your Pinnacle Support Program Client Review here. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

– Latest property data and research

To help you evaluate your investment property(s) cash flow position and comparative market analysis, we’ll review the latest data including:

  • RPdata suburb and statistics reports for each property
  • Residex suburb reports
  • The latest Forecast ID demographic reports
  • Desktop and full valuations
  • Rental manager feedback and reviews

The latest vacancy rates data

– Strategy development

Once you know how your investment(s) has performed we’ll work out an individualised strategy to continue building your wealth. Our finance team will confirm your new borrowing capacity. From there we can discern the next best steps forward. That might look like one of the three options below.

  • Option A. Capacity for a new purchase

If you have capacity, we can start to explore property investment opportunities in line with your budget and goals. We know you’re busy, so much of the process can be executed over the phone to work within your Defence Force schedule.

  • Option B. Increasing capacity

If your current situation doesn’t allow you to make your next investment just yet we’ll give you some steps to implement, such as tenancy and maintenance tips that will increase your capacity and help you get closer to what’s important to you.

  • Option C. Consolidation

You might want to consolidate your finance, find better than your current interest rates and reduce your investment/personal debt. Our finance team can assist you with negotiating interest rates directly with the bank and/or refinancing your current loans.

Again, if it suits you better and to save your valuable time, we can do all, or most of this over the phone.

The next best step?

We want you to realise your financial and lifestyle goals using our tried and tested property investment strategies. And we know that the unique demands of Defence life mean you don’t always have time to stay updated and make sure your investment(s) is working the hardest for you.

Our Pinnacle Support Program is designed to make this process as easy and efficient as possible. After completing the Pinnacle Support Program Client Review you’ll have a clearer vision of your current situation and what’s important for you do on a day to day basis to achieve your goals. As the proverb says: ‘Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another’. So, if you’re due for a review, the sooner we get to it the better.

We designed our Capital Properties Switched-On Strategy Series and Capital Properties Pinnacle Support Program for you. Along with free investor tools like our Property Investor – Self Evaluation Tool, we’ll make sure you reach your goals.

Call us on 1300 653 352 to get the ball rolling.

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