Unlike our grandparent’s generation, we can expect to enjoy an extra couple of decades of being fit, healthy and free of work commitments (source of estimate: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare).

Smart property investment is a wise way to fund a desirable lifestyle.

On the go? Here’s 30 seconds of key take outs:

  • Superannuation alone will not fund your desired retirement lifestyle.
  • You will need a supplementary solution to achieve financial independence.
  • Switched-on property investment supported by smart, proven strategies will give you that.
  • Everyday ‘Jacks’, RAAF’ies, and Diggers can create wealth. You can too.

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Choose financial independence, not obligatory dependence

If you’re living pay to pay and hoping your obligatory superannuation contributions with an occasional top up will see you through retirement, you may end up sad and retiring (pardon the pun)!

Did you know more than three quarters of Australians will live longer than their super can support?

Choose to start growing your wealth to be financially independent, not financially constrained.

Get some fuel in your tank: know why you want to invest

Understanding why investing will transform your life is critical. Changing your approach to investing will call on some intrinsic motivation to create and maintain a positive lifestyle plan.

Whether you want to retire early; have flexibility to take a mid career break or take time out to study; explore new work opportunities; or grow and support a family – having clearly defined goals will help drive you forward.

Get some property investment smarts behind you

Successful property investment is best supported by learning the principles behind switched-on decision making. At Capital Properties, we’ve got the smarts and we love passing our knowledge on.

Smart tip #1: Affordability via knowledgeable networks

Buying at the right price, is about buying at the right time, and at competitive prices.

We can help you with this by dealing directly with the builder and developer – they have the smarts gained from years of local real estate and property development knowledge.

Smart tip #2: Low vacancy rates and high rental returns

Low vacancy rates and high rental returns are drivers for smart, affordable property investment.

Smart tip #3: An easy-access-to-everything location

A smart location means local employment opportunities; and schools, shops, recreation and medical facilities are all conveniently located nearby. Local road networks and public transport options offer easy access to services and employment.

Smart tip #4: Community counts

Desirable communities are driven by sustainable population growth, strong household incomes, high ownership levels and the right mix of people and house types. By understanding local and community demands, innovating house designs to meet these needs creates desirable properties that in turn drive up high rental return.

Capital Properties is your ‘smarts’ for successful property investment

Capital Properties has delivered property investment strategies to people just like you, right across Australia. Our full turnkey homes are designed for investors, based on our smarts. Smarter still, by working with us, we’ll hand you your property keys ready for a tenant to move in on the same day.

Each of our approaches has been tried and proven by our team; as well as our clients – Defence Force personnel driven to achieve financial independence.

Make financial independence your future.

Get some experts around you to help you on your way.

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