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Investment Process

Here’s how the 7 steps of a successful property investment strategy works:
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Discovery Session
Goaling setting Financial Vision
  • Take time to design your ideal life style.
  • Find out where you want to be financially in the future.
  • Complete a well formed outcome (Goal setting work Sheet)
  • Complete a spending budget.
  • Mind Map “My Financial Goals”
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Discovery Session
Access your Resources
  • Find out exactly where you are financially.
  • Complete an Asset & Liability work sheet.
  • How much deposit do you have?
  • Meet with a finance broker to establish your borrowing capacity.
  • Get a copy of your credit file.
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Strategy Session
Strategy Development
  • Based from your current position.
  • What’s your number $$? How much do you want to be worth when you retire?
  • What is your risk profile?
  • How old are you?
  • Build your team around you that are smarter than you
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Strategy Session
Research | Location & Asset Class
  • Market Overview
  • Property Selection Criteria
  • Build Design
  • Target tenant
  • Independent Valuation
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Strategy Session
Cash Flow Analysis
  • Income
  • Rental Appraisal
  • Interest rate
  • Loan amount
  • Tax benefits
  • Holding Costs
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Settlement Post Settlement
  • Construction phase
  • Handover
  • Tenancy
  • Investor Property
  • Management
  • Review
  • Continue savings program
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Property Investment Review
  • Review your property on a regular basis.
  • Track the Australian property markets and local markets.
  • Review rental returns every 6 – 12 months.
  • Secure credit at the top of the market.
  • Claim all Tax benefits
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Investing in housing and rental properties while in the Australian Defence Force

At Capital Properties, our team is dedicated to educating, mentoring and guiding you through successful property investment and buying a house while in the army, navy or airforce.

We’ll help you convert your thoughts and visions into goals, so you can turn your Defence pay into a future full of choice and possibilities.

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ADF Property Investment Advice

Ideally, we’d like to give you property investment advice before life’s bigger responsibilities make growing wealth that bit trickier – but still possible.

Every pay date you let pass by without taking a step forward, is another missed opportunity to achieve financial independence.

By coming along to our Free Discovery Session, you’re only five steps away from successful property investment while in the ADF.

Capital Properties

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