Property Investment for Switched on People


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In this guide, I share investment strategy tailored to your Defence lifestyle. It's a strategy that works best for busy defence people that enjoys their jobs while they invest in long term goals.

This book is a quick start beginners guide to property investing personalised for Defence people.

This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. There is no such scheme. Wealth building is a long term process.

You’re about to kick off that process by learning some basics on how and where to get started in property investing – lessons straight from my life experiences.

Property Investment SOP is a general guide designed to be straightforward and achievable.

With the basics under your shoulder patch, you can continue to build your knowledge. Property investment is a lifelong learning adventure. I’ve never stopped learning.

As you work through each of the steps, you’ll feel a greater sense of control of your finances.

I hope you’ll find it an enjoyable process and that in turn, you can pass on knowledge to others. Switched-on property investors inspire those around them, leaving a legacy of knowledge and assets for future generations.

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