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What is the Property Investor Planner?

What is the Property Investor Planner? The Capital Properties Property Investor Planner has been designed by professional property investors specifically to assist other property investors. This planner shares tools and tips to help you stay focused and learn to prioritise goals and tasks like a seasoned property investor. Like any well-executed plan, we’ll help you measure what matters. The Capital Properties Property Investor Planner has tools to help you:
  • Build better habits
  • Increase productivity
  • Develop a strategy for goal setting with ‘The Well-Formed Outcome’
  • Self-evaluate for successful property investment
  • Create a ‘mind map’ for the year ahead
  • Generate an accurate annual budget with our template
  • Complete your monthly strategy planning using our monthly ‘Personal Action Sheet’ and monthly ‘Personal Action Plan’ templates
  • Weekly strategy planning templates make consistent planning easy
  • Get stuff done with our ‘daily to-do’ lists
As well as many more useful investor tips to help you create a winner’s mindset and the daily habits you need to achieve your ideal lifestyle. Why use the Capital Properties Property Investor Planner? We know that humans are great at procrastination. And we also know that the right mindset and focus on short and long-term goals makes all the difference in achieving our objectives. This planner allows you to get more stuff done by being intentional. For example, our daily planning pages include a dose of daily inspiration along with a tailored mind-set evaluation form and an hourly schedule to keep you motivated and accountable. Our monthly personal action sheets help you define your career and financial goals. It also takes in account your personal goals such as spending more time with family and making space for spiritual growth and/or fun and recreation. All of this in a clean, easy to use format that’s designed to make successful property investment achievable. It’s not dated, so you can start to use it right now. Capital Properties Property Investor Planner is the best 4 in 1 planner for property investors in Australia! About the Author Marcus Westnedge joined the Royal Australian Navy at 17 years old. He worked as a Marine Technician (Stoker) and Clearance Diver (Bubble Head). Using his Defence Force earnings, he bought his first property when he was 19. By the time he left the Navy, he had already amassed a multimillion-dollar portfolio. Marcus Westnedge is the founder and director of Capital Properties. Readers can reach him through www.capitalproperties.com.au  and www.propertyinvestmentsop.com.au
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