Why are you investing? What is your vision for your life and how does investing in property help you achieve it?

Thinking about your why and mapping out a vision for your life could be the driving force, the key to unlocking your success.

On the go? Here’s 30 seconds of take outs:

  • Many first-time clients and investors don’t know how to answer the question “why are you investing”. But this question is the crucial starting point for any successful investment strategy.
  • Your why – the reason behind the reason – is what will help you make smart decisions, cut through your excuses and drive you when times get tough.
  • Let us help you understand your why, map out your vision and create a plan to achieve your dreams.

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Many first-time clients and investors that come to Capital Properties don’t have a compelling answer to one question:

Why are you investing?

Seems simple, right? But when you think about it, it’s actually quite a complex question. Just about everyone will have a different response.

But it’s an important question to think through because when things get tough (and they will get tough) if you don’t understand your why you might just crumble under the pressure.

Crucial decisions need to be made every step of the property investment journey, and if you don’t fully understand your motivations and goals mistakes can be made – simple fact.

When I ask clients ‘why are you investing?’ I often get blank looks.

My response when I notice this is ‘be clear about your goals and financial objectives’. I’m going to repeat that because it’s important and if you take away anything from today I want you to take this ‘be clear about your goals and financial objectives’.

But even more so, ask yourself “what is the reason behind the reason?”

Huh? Let me explain.

For some people the reason for investing is ‘to make money’. There’s nothing wrong with this response, but I’d encourage you to delve a little deeper. Let’s assume that you have the money what is that going to help you achieve? What will your life look like? What will it mean for your family?

Create a picture in your mind’s eye say 5 to 10 years from zoom out in your timeline to that exact moment. What do you see? Who will you be with? How will that make you feel? Where will you be? What do you smell? The clearer the picture the more vivid the image the better.

Because it’s the reason behind the surface reason that matters most, money is just paper without purpose or meaning.

Investor tool goal setting: www.capitalproperties.com.au > ResourcesTools > Free-Property-Investor-Goal-Setting-Guide

Think it through

Taking the time to think through your goals will help you keep your eye on the prize you’ll find yourself going above and beyond.

As I’ve written in many other blog posts, your goals are the starting place of any venture whether it be property investment or business or your Defence Force career progression.

By spending time visualising the future it creates tension from the now to the future. And that tension provides the driving force the motivator to keep going and not give up.

Excuses are the main reason we don’t achieve our goals, it’s easy to think of excuses why what to do something! You can flip excuses on their head by getting clear about what you want!

Once you have your goals it’s just a matter of finding out how you are going to get there, the steps you need to take, the tasks you need to tie to your goals.

Then take action!

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