‘Outside of CBA this is the first major bank that has allowed I/O repayments > 80% for the past 18 months. It’s a good sign that the banks are slowly relaxing their lending criteria’ – Chris Raymond –  Investment Lending Specialist

ANZ Media Release:

Effective Monday 25th March 2019, ANZ will be making the following changes to Residential Investor Interest only lending.

  • Interest only availability for investment lending will be increased to a maximum 90% LVR for new and increased lending.
  • The maximum interest only period will be increased to 10 years for investment lending.
    Why are we making these changes? 
  • In response to APRAs responsible lending guidance in 2017, ANZ made a series of policy changes to manage the growth in Interest Only (IO) and Investor lending.

On recent review, we have made a decision to increase our focus on the investor market. The upcoming changes demonstrate our continued appetite in the investor market, whilst ensuring we remain in line with our APRA requirements.