Research is one of the biggest, and most important, parts or your property investment journey.

But finding credible, reliable information that’s easy to interpret can be tough. Today we’re sharing with you our go-to source for all your demographic insights. And the best part? It’s completely free.

On the go? Here’s 30 seconds of take outs:

  • Understanding the community and people who live in the area you are looking to buy or build is a key piece of the property investor’s decision making puzzle.
  • Getting started with your research is easy, and free, with .id the population experts.
  • Find everything from population forecasts to community profiles and economic information in the areas you’re looking to buy.

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Demographic research is a crucial part of your property investment decision making process. By understanding the general community living in a suburb you have the confidence to know who lives in the area and who is likely to rent your investment property.

This data gives you insights into what features people may be looking for in a home, which can make decisions about which property to purchase or what to include in a new build, that much easier.

Get started with demographic research

Wondering where to start your demographic research? You can’t go past .id, the population experts.

.id provides some really useful information for free like community profiles, social atlas, population forecasting, economic profiles and housing monitor tools.

It delivers population forecasts to councils across Australia in public websites – and the good news is that anyone can access this information for free!

Get this, over 130 councils across Australia subscribe to forecast id – a telling sign that it’s a powerful and credible information resource.

Community profiles

The community profile section of, branded gives you access to suburb-based community profiles to councils across Australia.

Results include:

  • population
  • age structure
  • ethnicity
  • ancestry
  • religion
  • income
  • qualifications
  • occupations
  • employment
  • unemployment
  • disability
  • disadvantage
  • volunteering
  • childcare
  • family structure
  • household structure
  • housing tenure
  • mortgage and rental payments
  • the size and type of the dwellings people live in

Social Atlas

In the Social Atlas section, you can get access Census data in its most compelling form –a series of thematic maps that show how particular population groups (elderly, youth, disadvantaged, students, public transport users etc) are distributed across your selected area. There are over 90 maps for each area.

Population forecasting

With you can view what is driving population change in specific communities, and forecasts how the population, age structure and household types will change between now and the future.

Economic profile brings together data from multiple sources to tell the story of a local economy and how it’s changing. This information is designed to be used by council staff, local businesses, investors, community groups, students and the general public.

“You can be confident about the quality of the information in the economic profiles as it is derived from official sources, includes the most robust economic modeling and is analysed and presented by experts. Each data source is maintained with the latest series so you can be sure you are using the most up to date information” –

Housing monitor

Finally, informs and monitors housing strategy. This is a brand-new platform and there isn’t a great deal of information available at the moment, but it will be one to keep an eye on.

This platform is designed for strategic planning and advocacy teams and combines demographic, economic, housing and population forecast data in one place.

You can access local economic data in its most compelling form including:

  • Gross Regional Product
  • local jobs
  • local businesses
  • employment
  • unemployment
  • population
  • building approvals
  • industry structure
  • journey to work
  • and much more.

We’d recommend subscribing to this website, as being a part of fine honing your property investment trade.

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